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I am an expert posing coach in the men's and women's divisions in the NPC federation to IFBB Pro league. I believe that stage presentation and executing your mandatory poses so judges can "JUDGE" you, is key when stepping on stage! You will learn the "art of posing" in its most respected form so that you can present the confidence and hard work necessary for you to be judged amongst those you are competing against. Posing requires time and practice. I will set up a posing plan for you based on the changes you bring with you physique and the effort you bring to each session! I work with all coaches/trainers/teams. Let's get you or your athletes on the WIN-WIN team!  

In Person or Skype/Facetime (1-hr session)

I have had many clients fly or drive hours to see me and I highly recommend if you are not in the Anchorage area, to invest in meeting with me one-on-one!

Hands on approach is one of the best ways to learn posing and allowing me to help you get set into your posing. While there is A LOT of information to be shared, you will continue to receive feedback and reminders so you are well prepared come show time!

For those who are remote, we either use Skype, facetime, or whats up app.

***If your division requires a 60-90 second routine (excluding Fitness routines as I will refer you to an expert Fitness posing coach), that is a separate fee in addition to the posing.

Single Posing Session (1-hour)

Posing Package (3) 1-hr sessions

I require my posing clients to book at least three (3) or more sessions, this way you have a comprehensive understanding of the muscle to mind connection that comes with posing, be prepared for changes to your posing and/or routine due to changes in your body composition, overall consultation on your look and expectations for pre-judging & finals.

I highly recommend this package so that we can map out all future posing sessions.

***As an added bonus, I will schedule a 30-min posing check in the week of the show, and I do not charge for being at your show (so long as it is a local show in Anchorage).

***If your division requires a 60-90 second routine (excluding Fitness routines as I will refer you to an expert Fitness posing coach), that is a separate fee in addition to the posing.

Posing Package (3) 1-hour sessions

Posing with (2) IFBB Pro Posing Coaches!

For several years now, I have teamed up with IFBB Pro Jodi Miller, out of Dallas, who has 20+ years of experience in the bodybuilding industry. She has helped a number of my clients improve on what I have already provided. I demand the best out of my clients and so I team up with the best, especially for those who are serious in looking towards competing at a National stage or to simply improve in their overall presentation. It never hurts to have another set of eyes and a more in-depth evaluation of your posing, especially when you can learn what judges in other regions are looking at!

This is for a one (1) hour initial session with Coach Ida, where we will do a questionnaire for Coach Jodi, providing video and pictures of your posing. Coach Jodi will then provide her extensive feedback.

Posing with 2 IFBB Pro Coaches

High School Bodybuilding (1) hour Posing

Pictured here are my clients, 2018 Ms. East High (Izzy on the left) & Ms. West High (Rhoda on the right) . Both went up against each other in the All-Cities tournament with Izzy winning overall.

I have worked with the Anchorage High School Bodybuilding athletes for over 4-years now & it is always one of my favorite times of the year! I help develop more than just posing & routines. I help drive home the determination & motivation each young lady and man already posses...& we have a blast! Promoting and building a positive fitness community is always in the forefront & if you are wanting to be a part of it, then let's get to work!

***Suit referral is available and separate cost. Spray tanning is available at a separate cost.

Posing for (1) hour